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I am passionate about people knowing they are loved and valued, and not for what they do, but for who they are. I want every person to see and believe in their unique beauty, potential and ability to make our world better. 

I am a story-teller and I believe that every person's story is important. I strive for honesty and joy in my photographic work and I cherish moments and the imperfections that make them real. I see so much beauty in people and the relationships we have with one another and it's those moments of connection that I love to see in my photographs. 

Looking back at pictures of family, friends, and adventures during different seasons tends to foster a sense of gratitude.  We pause and say thanks for the people whom we love & who love us and how far we've come or how much we've grown.

Whether it's capturing your season of engagement and wedding where you want to remember every carefully planned detail and every person who came to support you.  Or maybe, like me, you are in a season of little ones who take everything you have (including your heart!) and will not be little for very long.  Maybe you want to capture your children with their grandparents. Or maybe you just experienced a big life event. Whatever the case, seasons change quickly, and I'd love to capture and preserve your current one. 




The Wedding Experience starts at $1800.

It is my wish for all my couples that they would not only have the wedding day of their dreams but a marriage far better than they dreamed. Marriage is awesome! I'd love to grab coffee and get to know you more. You can fill out the form below or email I think it's important to feel comfortable with your photographer since you will be spending your wedding day together!  Upon booking, you will receive a magazine guide for Brooks Sharp brides that has everything you need to know and plan for on your big day.

the Wedding Experience

1 hour, 1 location

The beauty of life does not come from one big, specific moment, but from a collection of thousands of little moments. Whether it is in a park, on a downtown street or a spot  sentimental to you, these sessions aim to capture some of those moments and special occasions. These sessions are typically done in the two hours before sunset, Monday-Friday.  

Anniversary & Portrait

1.5-2 hours

I love lifestyle sessions because they are a glimpse into the often messy & imperfect but real &  beautiful moments that make up our lives. I believe that all your little moments are valuable and the life you live in your home is important. Life moves quickly and the phase you're in now will not last long. In these sessions I strive to capture all the things that make your home yours. 

"There are no great things,
only small things with great love.
Happy are those."
-Mother Teresa

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Stories Told

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