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May 25, 2016

Andy, Michelle & Ancil, their best adventure

Michelle and I go way back.  I knew her when she was in college and she was one of my favorite people to hang out with.  She’s got a big heart, hilarious stories and is just easy to be around.  She’s a nurse and her hubby Andy is a fireman (needless to say, I feel super safe in their company! Ha!).  But seriously, I’m grateful for the way they serve our community in very real and tangible ways.  And then there’s Ancil – a sweet, blue-eyed, teething little heartthrob. Like all babies, when he caught wind of plans for the day he changed his schedule on us.  How do they always know?! But even though he was a little sleepy, he did awesome and we got to enjoy the backyard a little. But as soon as daddy scooped him up, he gave in to sweet baby sleep. 🙂

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