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January 26, 2017

Tim & Brooke’s Wedding

Tim & Brooke’s wedding in Nashville was also my daughter’s birthday weekend!  So we brought the girls with us and they had so much fun staying in a hotel – they thought it was amazing… until bedtime of course.  But we had a great time getting away for a weekend and the wedding was so fun for Britton and I.

I started the day at Brooke’s house and it was a joy and privilege to be in the Herrin’s home while she was getting ready. Her whole family is as kind and welcoming as she is.  We then drove to Montgomery Bell State Park to a beautiful historic stone church for the first look, portraits and ceremony.  We had a little rain but that’s good luck on your wedding day, right?!

The reception was at Maggiano’s Little Italy where family and friends enjoyed the best Italian comfort food family-style.  I laughed and maybe even got a little teary as I listened to hilarious stories and moving toasts from the people that know Tim & Brooke best.  It was clear that they are well-loved, respected and supported.  I think everyone who spoke from Tim’s side said they knew Brooke was “the one” from the very beginning.  What a gift to receive such loving words and affirmations at the beginning of your marriage!  It was a sweet time and I was honored to be there.

Ceremony Location: buy modafinil online eu

Reception: order modafinil europe

Dress: buy modafinil fast shipping

Bridesmaids Dresses: buy modafinil fast shipping

Make-Up Artist: Star

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