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I’m going to be an aunt again!  But whether it’s a niece or nephew – nobody knows!  For some reason, both my brothers think it’s a good idea to wait and not find out the gender.  I’ve heard it’s an amazing and exciting experience and I get the appeal.  But at the same time, I just want to know!!!  My brother Jack and his wife Meredith have 3 and this is Kevin & Brittany’s first.  So it will be the fourth time my family has waited oh so anxiously to know – boy or girl???  Britton and I would not be capable of this but props to my brothers and their wives for being able to.  Both my brothers married really well by the way.  I love my sisters-in-law and they add so much to our family.  They are both so kind & gracious and I love spending time with them.

I got the chance to spend a weekend in Charleston, SC to attend a baby shower and to snap some maternity pics for Kevin & Brittany.  I love any chance I get to go down there.  Between the beach, the history, the food and of course family, what’s not to love?!

When I thought about taking pictures down there of course my first thoughts were downtown and/or the beach.  But there was a park five minutes from Kevin & Brittany’s house so we went that route since it was also Saturday evening and there would have been quite a few other people downtown and I definitely did not want to spend time in traffic losing light. But of course, even the park by their house is gorgeous! There’s an old fort there, it was not crowded at all and it was perfect weather and light.  Brittany was glowing and looked so beautiful with her bump and that dress! So excited for them and only a few more weeks until we know!!!

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