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I first met Krista during a very uncertain time in my life.  Two years ago, Britton switched jobs.  We had been on staff with a nonprofit at the University of Tennessee our entire marriage so this was uncharted territory.  I thought that I would stay on part-time, at least for a while.  Turned out, it was too much for our family and I needed to transition off.  But during my short-term part-time, I got to help out with a Bible study where I met some really sweet women at UT and Krista is one of them! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet her.  She is very sweet and very kind and so easy to be with.  She & Will have been together for almost 5 years so UT is a special place for them as most of their relationship has played out here.  Not to mention all the other things that come with a great college experience!

Will & Krista are awesome and it’s clear they adore each other.  I know I say every couple is amazing, but it’s true!  Somehow I’ve gotten to work with the most amazing couples and I’m so thankful!  I had so much fun as Will took us around Neyland Stadium (he works with donors & season ticket holders!) and then we headed to Sequoyah Hills to find some blooms.  I love cherry blossoms so much and we got lucky.  Plus, the weather was perfect – spring has definitely arrived!  Looking forward to their June wedding in Lebanon, TN!

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    March 29th, 2017 at 9:38 pm

    These are so beautiful!! Luv you!!


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