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I can’t say enough good things about Will & Krista’s wedding.  It was such a fun and beautiful day.  The venue is his grandfather’s land that they turned into a wedding venue only about a year ago.  Bonny Meade is in Lebanon, TN just outside Nashville and is the perfect place for a wedding.  Beautiful views of rolling hills and farmland stretch on all sides.  It’s gorgeous!  Also, they’ve done much of the work themselves.  Will and his dad built the gazebo they were married under, the bridal party table and the donut wall.  Yes, you read that right, there was a donut wall and it was as glorious as it sounds!

Krista and her bridesmaids got ready in a sweet cabin on the property.  Krista wore her mom’s earrings and a delicate Tiffany Blue heart on her wrist.  She was stunning!  I loved the long lace train on her dress that she found at buy modafinil india in Knoxville.  The bridesmaids looked beautiful in navy dresses and the guys looked sharp in grey suits.  The weather was perfect – warm and breezy.  So many family and friends came out to celebrate.  They were all so kind and fun to be around.  At the reception, even grandma got out on the dance floor – she’s got moves!

Congratulations Will & Krista!  I pray that your marriage will be even more beautiful than your wedding day!

Venue: buy modafinil in nigeria

Krista’s Dress: buy modafinil in london

Bridesmaids: buy modafinil in turkey

Will & Groomsmen’s suits: buy modafinil japan

Hair & Makeup:buy modafinil in kenya

Flowers: Donna @ buy modafinil london

Catering: buy modafinil legally

Cake: buy modafinil leeds

DJ: Mac Griffin – In Any Event Sound Productions


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  1. Donna Odum

    June 23rd, 2017 at 6:50 pm

    This pictures were great , I am so please with the out come.


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