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I got to spend time with my sweet friend Michelle again and her wonderful family.  They have grown as a family recently adding sweet Lily Beth!  I love her name and she is just as lovely as she sounds.   Lily Beth did so well during my time there and so did big brother Ancil. […]

Happy 9 months to this sweetheart!  Loved getting to spend time with Andy, Michelle & Ancil again.  The yellow onesie Ancil is wearing was his great grandfather’s!  It feels special to be able to photograph a piece of family history.  I love it when people use heirlooms in photoshoots.  It’s a neat way to connect […]

After we had our first daughter, I went through a season of loneliness as I’ve found many new moms do.  My social circle decreased pretty dramatically as my first concern switched to feedings and getting adequate sleep (which I think must be a myth – if anyone who has had a baby in the past […]

My dear friend Allison is having a baby and I can’t wait to meet this little girl!  It’s past her due date so just in case that baby is waiting for these pictures, I figured I better hurry and post!  Come on baby girl!  There are a lot of people ready to meet you, especially […]

Michelle and I go way back.  I knew her when she was in college and she was one of my favorite people to hang out with.  She’s got a big heart, hilarious stories and is just easy to be around.  She’s a nurse and her hubby Andy is a fireman (needless to say, I feel […]


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