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I got to spend time with my sweet friend Michelle again and her wonderful family.  They have grown as a family recently adding sweet Lily Beth!  I love her name and she is just as lovely as she sounds.   Lily Beth did so well during my time there and so did big brother Ancil. […]

I’m going to be an aunt again!  But whether it’s a niece or nephew – nobody knows!  For some reason, both my brothers think it’s a good idea to wait and not find out the gender.  I’ve heard it’s an amazing and exciting experience and I get the appeal.  But at the same time, I […]

Happy 9 months to this sweetheart!  Loved getting to spend time with Andy, Michelle & Ancil again.  The yellow onesie Ancil is wearing was his great grandfather’s!  It feels special to be able to photograph a piece of family history.  I love it when people use heirlooms in photoshoots.  It’s a neat way to connect […]

After we had our first daughter, I went through a season of loneliness as I’ve found many new moms do.  My social circle decreased pretty dramatically as my first concern switched to feedings and getting adequate sleep (which I think must be a myth – if anyone who has had a baby in the past […]

Michelle and I go way back.  I knew her when she was in college and she was one of my favorite people to hang out with.  She’s got a big heart, hilarious stories and is just easy to be around.  She’s a nurse and her hubby Andy is a fireman (needless to say, I feel […]

I knew Brittany and Chris when they were students at UT and I remember when they were dating.  It’s been fun to reconnect with them during Brittany’s pregnancy and now as new parents!  Like all new parents, they are exhausted and so in love.  Luke is a little sweetheart.  And I never would have thought […]


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