August 17, 2016

John & Holly

As I’ve said before, Holly is one of the most joyful people I know.  One of her bridesmaids was joking that a big smile is just Holly’s resting face and it’s kinda true.  And that remained true on her wedding day even when it poured the rain!  The entire bridal party was so awesome.  I don’t remember a single complaint all day.  I mean seriously, it poured while everyone was getting ready and we even did some pictures in the rain and everyone was so calm, laid back and focused on Holly and the importance of the day.  The groomsmen were all soaked getting things covered outside and making sure everything would be good to go for the ceremony.  It made my job so enjoyable to be around such wonderful people all day!

We got a break from the rain but just as Holly was about to walk down the aisle, a light rain began to fall.  It was magical.  I loved it.  John and Holly are such adventurous individuals, it just seemed fitting that their Smoky Mountain wedding would include a little romantic rain.  The ceremony was beautiful and touching as her former pastor, Reg, talked about the character and impact of Holly’s mother.  Holly lost her mom a few years ago but memory and love were very much alive and present throughout the day.

The rain stopped halfway through the ceremony and the skies cleared for the reception.  John and Holly enjoyed every minute of their day and I am so grateful that I got to be there to capture it.  John and Holly, may you continue to enjoy many great adventures together!

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  1. Bennie Page says:

    You have the talent for capturing the moments…these pictures are amazing!

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